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THEME: DISASTER MANAGEMENT Numbers 11:31-35 NIV “Now a wind went out from the Lord and drove quail in from the sea. It scattered them... Revelation of the Word:


Numbers 11:31-35 NIV

“Now a wind went out from the Lord and drove quail in from the sea. It scattered them up to two cubits deep all around the camp, as far as a day’s walk in any direction. All that day and night and all the next day the people went out and gathered quail. No one gathered less than ten homers. Then they spread them out all around the camp. But while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the Lord burned against the people, and he struck them with a severe plague. Therefore the place was named Kibroth Hattaavah, because there they buried the people who had craved other food. From Kibroth Hattaavah the people traveled to Hazeroth and stayed there.”


-The Israelites grumbled and complained against Moses for they ate meat and all they desired in Egypt, saying that Moses had brought them to the wilderness to starve and die. The Lord heard their cry and caused manna and evening quails to cover the camp (Exodus 16:13). The quail seemed to have been seasonal and the Lord sort out the disaster of starvation, as another was slowly brewing. They became gluttonous as they ate the quails and the Lord’s anger burnt against them. The Lord struck the people with a plague and some died there, and the place was called Kibroth Hattaavah. Gluttony is a disaster that should be avoided. Paul in 1 Timothy 6:6-7, writes that “godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” Gluttony is a disaster that kills by a plague. Paul continues to say that, “for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy6:10). We are called to continue in prayer as we ask the Lord to preserve us lest we fall into the trap of the love of money leading to gluttony. Zacchaeus the tax collector climbed a tree and Jesus promised to visit his house. Zacchaeus was convicted to give half of his possessions to the poor and salvation was pronounced upon his household.


I will praise You Oh Lord all my life; I will sing praise to You my God as long as I live. Jesus You are our Lord and Savior we lift up Your holy name. You are good God and Your mercies endures forever. We repent for the times we have been gluttonous, may You forgive us and wash us with Your precious blood. May You renew our minds and give us hearts of contentment that we may always be satisfied with that which You bestow upon us. May You deliver us and our nation from corruption and bribery, and fill our hearts with righteousness and truth. May You change the hearts of our leaders that they may follow Your will. May Your salvation reach our family members and the entire nation for the glory and honor of Your name. May You bless us indeed and expand our territories. May You supply our every need according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. We praise You and magnify Your name now and forever. Amen

Blessed Thursday

Further reading: Philippians 3:18-21, Luke 19:1-10

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