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THEME: SPEAK Matthew 10:19‭-‬20 ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will... Revelation of the Word:


Matthew 10:19‭-‬20 ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.


-Jesus commissioned the twelve disciples to go out into the world to preach the gospel. He encouraged them with caution that persecution would come but they should remain rooted in faith. Also, to be bold and courageous for the Holy Spirit would help them in their quest for discipleship. Jesus gave us the same command that we may also proclaim His good news as He has called each one of us. It is our duty as Christians to demonstrate our faith in God through our words, character and deeds, that others may believe in Jesus and come to faith. As Christians; we are witnesses of Christ and should hold fast our faith in Him; and in our calling the Holy Spirit will tell us what to say for He speaks in us.


God created us in His image and likeness; and has given us the ability to speak even when we are in fear. Moses doubted his ability to speak when we was called to deliver the Israelite’s from captivity. But God encouraged him and gave him a helper Aaron to support him in his mission. In the same manner; when we feel insufficient and fearful when called upon to speak, the Holy Spirit our Helper speaks in us; so that we may say exactly what He desires. Some among us have been given the gift of speaking in tongues through which they speak to God and not men (1 Cor 14:2), and other interpret according to His will. Although some speak evil things which demonstrate what is in their hearts; for out of the abundance of the heart; the mouth speaks. Some speak favorably which is a reflection of godliness. We are reminded to always think of the things above; for through this, we speak peaceably to all men. God has also called us to be righteous in our words and deeds; and demonstrate wisdom as we glorify Him and edify one another through love. To refrain from condemning and judging others so that we may not be judged. To proclaim a blessing upon our own lives, families, friends, nation etcetera; for death and life are in the power of the tongue and we shall eat its fruit (Prov 18:21). We are therefore reminded to speak life to all people and situations which comes in form of prayer, and when we believe; it shall come to pass. God desires that we enjoy life and see many happy days as we speak the truth; for the truth shall set us free.


Lord our Father and our God we come before You this morning with thanksgiving in our hearts. We humbly come at Your feet asking for forgiveness and mercy for we have sinned and fallen short of Your glory Lord. Cleanse our hearts by Your precious blood and make us righteous in our words and deeds. Remember us all when are weak and weary that You may strengthen us Holy Spirit; and speak in us when we do not know what to say. Guide us in all things Jesus that we may witness You in truth. Remember also all those who are preparing and those who currently undertaking exam; that Your may give all of them good success. Bless us, our families, friends, leaders, churches and entire nation and expand our territories Father. Deliver us from all evil that we may seek You always and do Your will. Increase our faith in You Jesus and grant us the gift of wisdom in all that we do. All glory, honor, power, blessing and salvation belong to You Jesus; now and forever. Amen 

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