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THEME: POOL Ecclesiastes 2:4‭-‬7 I made my works great, I built myself houses, and planted myself vineyards. I made myself gardens and orchards, and... Revelation of the Word:


Ecclesiastes 2:4‭-‬7

I made my works great, I built myself houses, and planted myself vineyards. I made myself gardens and orchards, and I planted all kinds of fruit trees in them. I made myself water pools from which to water the growing trees of the grove. I acquired male and female servants, and had servants born in my house. Yes, I had greater possessions of herds and flocks than all who were in Jerusalem before me.

-King Solomon only asked for wisdom and God granted him wisdom, riches, honour and long life (1 Kin 3:10-14). He built massive pools of water as the ones shown on the image located in the Southwest of Bethlehem; used to water the trees. He also made gigantic underground cisterns of water to support the temples, his house, servants, livestock, plantations and the entire nation of Israel. Gods’ covenant with him came to pass in his life; for the benefit of his household and the citizens. In such efforts are several major proposed dams to be constructed in our nation; but corruption has killed the president’s vision and hopes of the people. We pray that God may grant us and our leaders great wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we may always follow His will.

A pool is a cistern that collects water and draws a lot of significance in the Bible. Pools were symbolic for cleansing in the Jewish culture and God commanded the Israelites to cleanse themselves lest they defile His tabernacle and perish. King Ahab defiled the voice of God and went to war against Syria. He perished in war and his chariot was washed at the pool of Samaria where harlots bathed. Jesus healed a blind man and told him to go wash at the pool of Siloam which was significant in history as the priests drew water and poured it at the base of the tabernacle; in commemoration of God’s provision from a rock in the wilderness. Jesus also healed a man by the pool of Bethesda who had suffered infirmity for thirty eight years. As the man waited for the angel to stir up the water for him to be made well, Jesus broke that barrier and made it easy for us to receive healing through His grace. All of us who thirst for Jesus are therefore called to always believe in Him and out of our hearts will flow rivers of living water so that we may never thirst (John 7:37-39). We are invited to follow His will through the gospel as the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with His fruit and gifts. God has promised to open rivers on the bare heights, springs in the midst of the valleys, pools of water in the wilderness and fountains of water in the dry land; for His love for us is everlasting.

Everlasting King and Almighty Father; we come before You this morning thanking You for the far that have brought us. You have journeyed with us for the better part of this year with Your divine grace. We have not lacked any good thing Jesus we give You all the glory and honor. Remember us and our leaders Lord that You may grant us the gift of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to walk according to Your purpose. Guide our president Lord in the fight against corruption with all other government agencies; that You may prosper their hands in all good things that benefit all. Bless this our land and nation Lord; may justice be our shield and defender; may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty and may plenty be found within our boarders. Many are our hearts desires, prayers and petitions Father but we know You have answered us from old according to Your will. You have opened double doors for us and broadened our tunnels we give You thanks and praise. All glory, honor, power, riches, wisdom, wealth, knowledge and praise belong to You Jesus, now and forever. Amen

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