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THEME: FAMILY Matthew 12:49-50 And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever... Revelation of the Word


Matthew 12:49-50

And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.”

-Jesus stretched His hand towards His disciples & acknowledged them as His family, basically for obedience in following Him & willingness to learn from Him. They served as an example to the eye witnesses nearby & to us that seeking first the kingdom of God in doing the will of the Father should be prioritised.

-Family in Greek is written as genos & it means kindred, clan, native & descendants. Family can be defined as all people considered as descendants of a common progenitor. It can also be defined as a group of related plants or animals forming a category ranking above a genus & below an order; & normally comprising several to many genera.
-All families on the earth formed before & after Abraham were blessed by virtue of his faith; when he left his homeland Haran to a place he did not know (Gen 12:3). The blessing of the family unit was thus pronounced in Gods’ promise to make him the father of a great nation. God confirmed His faithfulness in keeping this promise of multiplying Abraham & his descendants; when a census was carried out among the 12 tribes of Israel after they left Egypt. This naming convention has been adopted overtime; as our children are named after our fathers & forefathers; tracing our lineages back to Abraham. Tallied were the men who could to go to war from the age of 20 years & older according to their families; excluding strangers & Levites. The same blessing of Abraham trickled down to the Israelites who received inheritance after the second census; where the bigger families got a larger share. All families of the earth are also called to give glory & strength to God due His name (Psa 96:7-9). In His name all creation in heaven & earth share one ancestry to the Father our Creator (Eph 3:14). In His works of salvation, we are all united to Christ by His love; making peace through His blood on the cross (Col 1:20). In the mystery of His death & resurrection; an emphasis of believing in Him is administered, for He integrated us into His family as Sons of God to inherit the riches of His glory; making both Jews & Gentiles one in the Father. Through the indwelling of Holy Spirit Who lives in our temples imparts His gifts & fruit in our hearts; that we remain encouraged in the inclination to His grace. In communion with one another; we pray & praise together in the quest of unity & to abide in love as the Father leads us (Eph 5:19).

In all humility we exhort You Lord our Father for You are God; full of mercy & love. We have fallen short of Your glory, we ask for mercy. Help us always to do Your will & strengthen us in our walk with You. We know that there are multitudes of challenges in the family unit, may You mediate & council us in all matter. Help all families in the world to be united in Your love Lord, & always harbour forgiveness in their hearts. We seek Your direction, provision, protection, blessings & wisdom in our homes. You are worthy of all power, riches, glory & strength Father; now & forever. Amen

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